Wichtig, unbedingt 18.12.04 reservieren

Alles rund um die etwas andere Weihnachtsparty des EoR-Teams.

Beitragvon Tinúviel » Di 21.Dez 2004, 11:53

EzraNatan hat geschrieben:*edit* I forgot to thank the people who lent us their Engl top+box and Marshall box.

you're welcome! you've had the amps of lunanova. ( http://www.lunanova.net/ )
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Beitragvon Nöggi » Di 21.Dez 2004, 17:34

the other guy who filmed

He told me, he will burn it to CD's...
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Beitragvon EzraNatan » Mi 22.Dez 2004, 15:39

Yeah, he told me too. He'll send them to me if it's copied he said.
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Beitragvon EzraNatan » So 07.Jun 2009, 1:32


Sorry for digging up this ancient topic :twisted:

But for the people who filmed our show: We never received the DVD's :(
Is there anyone who still has it somewhere on DVD and is able to send me a copy? That'd be awesome!
We need it for our archives...

If you have it, you can mail to info@natanhorde.be

PS: for everyone who is interested, Natan released a full-length album last year through Iron Age Records.
You can check some songs of it on www.myspace.com

Greetings! Ezra
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