Geschichte des Mets

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Geschichte des Mets

Beitragvon deep_thought » Di 12.Jul 2005, 15:16

Habe da eine interessante Geschichte des Mets gefunden (Quelle:


Mead is probably the oldest known alcoholic beverage in the world. From Europe to Australia mead has been a popular drink, dating back to long before Viking Times. One of the earliest references to mead can be found in the Hindu's of India's holy books, the Veda books, which date back 4000 years and possibly even earlier than that.
In the Veda writings can be found a chapter in which the gods Krishna an Indra are called "Madhava", which means "born of honey", and their symbol is a bee. It is also written in this holy book, that there is a source of mead flowing on the third step of Vishnu's - which is heaven.

Mead is also referred to in Greek literature, in the saga of Orfeus: Zeus gave Kronos mead to make him drunk, "because they did not have wine at that time". Not surprisingly, mead is often referred to as "a drink fit for the gods". The Northern god Odin acquired mead by spending three nights with the daughter of the dwarf Suttung, so that he may be permitted to taste this excellent beverage. However, Odin did not just taste the mead offered him - no, he emptied the casks completely in three thirsty mouthfuls and then promptly raced back to the halls of Valhalla. The mead stolen by Odin was brewed from the blood of the wise Kvasir, and gave special powers for skaldic poetry and great wisdom. This myth has stayed with mead since - however, the special powers can be somewhat blurred by over indulgence. Reliable sources report, that anybody that gets drunk on mead, can be effected for up to three whole days!

The Northern gods had a most splendid supplier of mead - one, which we in our brewery cannot compete with, and that was a goat called Heidrun. Heidrun grassed on top of the roof of Valhalla, and her udder flowed with unlimited supplies of the most delicious mead.

When the Romans invaded Britain they discovered that they had conquered "an island of honey". Plutarch was amazed at the sound health and energy of the natives. "These Britains begin first to be old when they are 120 years. Their secret being honey."

There are numerous myths surrounding mead and its attributions, likewise there are considerable facts surrounding the most positive "side effect" of drinking mead. For example, mead is brewed from the purest honey, which is said to be able to help those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and kidney disorders, to name but a few. The book "Honey and Your Health" by Beck and Smedley, can give further details.

A long life should also be a "side effect" of mead drinking. A survey carried out in the former Soviet Union reported, that most of the 200 people between the ages of 110 - 150 years were former bee-keepers, who consumed large quantities of their own products.

The oldest known recipe for mead to be written down in the Nordic countries was in 1520 by the Archbishop Olaus Magnus. The recipe comprised of water, honey, hops and brewers yeast, and concludes, that "on the eight day - or earlier in emergencies - the mead may be drunk, but the longer it is left, the purer, better and healthier it will be."

Den letzten Abschnitt über deren eigenen Met habe ich weggelassen.
BTW: jemand hat hier mal erwähnt, dass Met auch in der Bibel vorkommt. Wer weiss die Stelle?
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Beitragvon soror luminis » Di 12.Jul 2005, 20:56

ich weiss bloss dass in einem der Mosebücher steht, dass sich die Israeliten "berauschende Getränke" kaufen sollen, wenn sie sich zum jährlichen Fest in Silo (?) treffen - vielleicht heisst es andernorts "Met". Ich werd die Stelle sicher wieder ausfindig machen können, falls sie sich als heisse Spur erweist :wink:
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Beitragvon Freiburger » Sa 16.Jul 2005, 11:23

Sehr objektiv wirkt der Text nicht. Da werden viel zu sehr Meinungen und Fakten vermischt.
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