Suchst Du eine Mitfahrgelegenheit zum Festival? Oder kannst Du Platz in Deinem Auto anbieten? / Are you looking for a lift to go to the festival? Or can you offer places in your car?


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I'm from Holland and in february I'de like to go to elements of rock.....
Who wants to come with me ????
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Beitragvon deep_thought » Di 23.Nov 2004, 15:20

You can ask Raffi of Fear dark, if there are some people interested, he perhaps organize something. Next Max of jesusmetal was this year at the EoR too.
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Thanks :) I know about Max yeah :)
By the way erhm.....Whats up with that unblack site ? :)
when will there be more information at the site and stuff ?
I like the shirt, the logo.....nice work !!!

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