Within the veils of lucid visions

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Within the veils of lucid visions

Beitragvon Antestor » Sa 12.Jun 2010, 11:45

Now is the time
Into my soul I will enter
Now is the time
As the veils will fill this place

Darkness was the first veil
On the journey through my soul
No candles enlighting the path
Through the morbid fields we ran

Your soul I behold or is it mine,
Oh how desolate I feel
Uncertainty, a scorn of lucid ludicrous

Haze than appeared the next veil to be
Under the high trees of sullen it set
Ravishing the state of my mind
Through the haze we ran hand in hand

Meadows of green the next time I saw
Enchanting the deepest vaults of my soul
So bright our eyes were blinded by fear
Over these pastures we stumbled and fell

Moribund is what I am
Under the spell of lucid visions
Close my eyes so I will be see
Here is where I am... real
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Beitragvon Sorg » Sa 12.Jun 2010, 18:53

Ich kannte das Wort "moribund" bis jetzt gar nicht... Ein schönes Wort!

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