rain of shards

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rain of shards

Beitragvon Antestor » Fr 26.Mär 2010, 23:46

consume these shards of glass
that rain down like water
with every drop like razors
the skin becomes soiled

as rain becomes one with the blood
the need to feel the pain inside
pass the sense of mortal borders
that hold back the infinite dream

A web of lies hides what knows my mind
no need to search what in myself I find
What yesterday forgot, tomorrow will recall
Once and for all

Though indifference I seek
hatred is charming me to taste
damnations kiss this night
to sore over pain and affliction
and the long loved silence
as my conscious fades I await the dawn.
If tomorrow is lost let this be the day
To feel the ecstasy once again.

after all I fade away

With tears in my eyes
I cast my face towards the rain

Its shards grazing me
like hatred washing me
clean from memories
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