Alas my life

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Alas my life

Beitragvon Antestor » Mi 24.Mär 2010, 20:47

As I wander
shadows cause me to fear
along this empty desolate ground
that is no path nor way
through the meadows of solace
I long to roam once again

I still raise my head, yet my voice
which at least ought to comfort you
is buried deep in the vault of my soul
howling the song of the desolate, yet unheared
is no comfort for me alike

As upon this glade I fall
in order to end it all
I from afar behold a torch
enlighting the treetrunks
like shimmering iron bars
imprisoning me

As I await, the wanderer comes forth
the flame of his torch burning stronger
I behold the scenery

Standing before me his coutenance is hidden
in the shadows of the blaze
Upon desolate ground we stand

As I fall on my knees my soul alluding him
a plea to set this ground of dry aflame
thus he may conceal what I cannot

With his torch reaching the ground
the blaze is all around
as winds are driving the flames
like razors into my skin of pale

Dust to dust

alas my life! Did I not cherish you in days of old
As much as I plea you to leave as I breath the fire
only devouring my skin not my heart
This force will never rage enough to reveal
the remnants of life, once mortal set alive

As with fire's kiss branded again
I stand on desolate ground where
all is dust but me.

Entweiht, entzweit
Wer heilt die Wunden dieser Zeit?
Erhellt, entstellt
wer erbarmt sich dieser Welt?
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Beitragvon Aran Ruhmkünder » Mi 24.Mär 2010, 21:27

Wow! Echt gut!
"Hey! Would you like to play a rape-game?"
"That's the spirit!"
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